see how

Grow Healthy

Grew 10% …

And Orders Per Day by 6.1% and Organic Traffic by 30.1%
and much, much more using Dovetail for Dutchie Plus.

Until now, you only had
two options for selling
cannabis online.

Severely limited
iframe sites.

Iframe sites are fast and cheap to stand up, but they don’t help you stand out…

Shockingly expensive
custom sites.

Custom enterprise sites are powerful but take forever to build, and cost too much money…

That sucks.

So, we built a
better solution.

Dovetail upgrades your iFrame site into a powerful Dutchie
Plus or Jane Roots enterprise class e-commerce site with no
coding required.

From Age Gate to Checkout, you’re armed with all the features,
functionality and customizations proven to increase revenue.



Increase Online Revenue

Using Dovetail Smart Blocks makes you more money. Full stop. If it doesn’t quicklly pay for itself, you don’t pay.

Supercharge SEO

Dovetail automatically makes the technical optimizations required to crush SEO. This means you can quickly attract new (and more) visitors to your store and focus on selling instead of dealing with technical headaches.

Grow Healthy, which has 18 stores in Florida, saw a +27.6% increase in Organic Search in 30 days.

Up & Running in Days

Go from start to stunning in just days. Not the months (and months) custom API development requires.

Drag & Drop Easy

Adding new features and functionality is as simple as drag & drop. No need for expensive developers to wrangle complicated technologies and workflows.

Boost Conversion Rates

Our suite of digital merchandising features are easy to implement and guaranteed to quickly increase CVR.

Grow Healthy, which has 18 stores in Florida, saw a 10.9% increase in CVR simply by dragging and dropping these features onto their Dovetail powered site.

Customize Everything

With Dovetail you can finally stop looking identical to everyone else. From Age Gate to Checkout, easily tailor your online store’s appearance and optimize every user interaction to perfection.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Dovetail eliminates the time and costs required to build and support the multitude of custom e-commerce features & functionally necessary to compete.

Grow Healthy, which has 18 stores in Florida saw a -XX% cost reduction using Dovetail Smart Blocks

No Coding Required

Dovetail is a No Code Solution… and it took years of coding to make it that way. From start to finish there’s no need for any engineering. So, you can focus your time and money on marketing, design, and customization.

Data Driven Decision Making

Easily get your hands on critical data and dashboards inaccessible to iFrame sites. Finally, equip your team with the information they need to compete and succeed.

(before your competitors do)

*If it doesn’t pay, you don’t pay.

We’re so confident you’ll see the same success as our customers,
that if you don’t find value, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

How it Works


Dutchie & Jane APIs

Dovetail is built on the solid foundation of the APIs offered by Dutchie or Jane. Both provide powerful features, functionality, and customizations.

But, until now it took a massive amount of time, people, and money to build and support a custom, API based e-commerce site.


Dovetail Smart Blocks

We took all the features, functionality, and optionality locked away in the Dutchie Plus & Jane Roots APIs and made them easily accessible to you with a simple NO-CODE REQUIRED solution called Smart Blocks.

Use Smart Blocks to optimize & customize your customers’ journey from Age Gate to Check Out to better promote products, increase conversion rates, and drive revenue.


Drag, Drop, Dominate

Using Smart Blocks is as easy as using WordPress. That’s because Smart Blocks connect the entire APIs from Dutchie & Jane to WordPress.

Now you have easy, immediate, access to all the powerful features and functionality previously locked away in those APIs ready to use in WordPress.


Easy as iFrame.
Potent as Enterprise.

From Age Gate to Check Out, Dovetail enables you to optimize the entire customer journey and tailor every user interaction to perfection.

And now, you can do it all directly from WordPress. Why WordPress? Because it’s simple.

Using anything else isn’t right for you or your team.

Other solutions may seem impressive, but they are excessively expensive, overly technical, difficult to use, and costly to maintain and support.

Trust us, we know from experience.
That’s why we developed Dovetail.

Nothing Changes,

But Everything
is Different.

With Dovetail, you still use the same Dutchie or Jane solution you already have.

Our seamless integration with Dutchie and Jane’s APIs automatically integrates all your ERP, Product, and Menu Data with your new Dovetail Powered site.

Dovetail also eliminates the need to manage your site’s content in multiple places. No more juggling teams, tools, technologies, and workflows.

With Dovetail, custom e-commerce sites that used to take months to build and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be built in just days at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a massive win, for much less.
“This is a quote from Randy or Addie that is punchy and has a number in it performance.”
— Todd Easley CTO

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