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Dutchie Plus APIs

Dovetail is built on the solid foundation of the APIs offered by Dutchie or Jane. Both provide powerful features, functionality, and customizations.

Until now it took a massive amount of time, talent, and money to build and support a custom, API based e-commerce site.


Dovetail Smart Blocks

First, we took all the features, functionality, and optionality locked away in the Dutchie Plus & Jane Roots APIs and made them easily accessible via a simple no-code solution called Smart Blocks.

Next, we added critical features beyond what those APIs provide like: SEO Automation, Product Reviews, sophisticated Terpene Effect Mapping, the ability to create Custom Product Categories and Subcategories, Google Business integration and much more.

Use Smart Blocks to optimize & customize your customers’ journey from “Age Gate to Check Out” to better promote products, increase conversion rates, and revenue.


Drag, Drop, Dominate

Using Smart Blocks is as easy as using WordPress. That’s because Smart Blocks connect the entire API from Dutchie & Jane to WordPress.

Now you have easy, immediate, access to all the powerful features and functionality previously locked away in those APIs (and much, much more) … all ready to use via WordPress.
“We’re making more and spending less. It’s a game changer.”
— Todd Easley
VP Information Technology

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