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Todd Easley
VP, Information Technology

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Case Study



GrowHealthy operates 18 dispensaries across the state of Florida. Unlike most Dovetail customers that are seeking an alternative to iFrame, GrowHealthy was different.

They already had a custom site that was effectively generating revenue BUT it was too costly to maintain and support. As a result, GrowHealthy was wasting time, money, and resources on website support and not growing profits.

Grow Healthy was about to fall back to using the iFrame until they discovered Dovetail.


GrowHealthy implemented Dovetail for Dutchie Plus and achieved these immediate benefits:


Improved SEO – Designed with best-in-class SEO capabilities, Dovetail Smart Blocks enabled GrowHealthy to rank higher on search engines, with NO additional work.

This improved their online visibility, resulting in more organic traffic and increased sales. 


Lower Labor Costs – The switch to Dovetail Smart Blocks allowed GrowHealthy to easily manage its online store from within WordPress.

This eliminated the need for more expensive hires to do more complex & time-consuming engineering.


Lower Cost & Simpler Tech – Complex cloud integrations and custom code were completely removed, reducing GrowHealthy’s labor & server costs and reliance on external developers and costly systems.


Easy Customization – It was critical to GrowHealthy that Dovetail improve cost and performance without altering the look and feel of their site.

Using our powerful customization and configuration tools, the visual difference is indiscernible. The cost, time and resources saved, however, is another story.


By using Dovetail, Grow Healthy removed their proprietary and costly tech stack and didn’t have to fall back to using the suboptimal iFrame.

Dovetail Smart Blocks enabled Grow Healthy to easily and quickly implement Dutchie Plus and reduce complexity and costs while increasing revenue, control, & performance.

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